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Gold Membership: $60/month
* 12 classes each month

Silver Membership:​ $48/month
* 8 classes each month

Bronze Membership: $28/month
* 4 class each month

Monthly Memberships

Frequently Asked Questions
1) Do I need any equipment for the classes?
You can find everything you need to know, including what equipment you will need, about each class on the class description page
2) How much do classes cost? 
Monthly membership prices are above. Each single class costs $10 if you choose not to do the monthly memberships
3) When do I have to sign up by?
Monthly membership sign ups are due by the 5th of each month. There is no prorating if you join the month late.
4) Do I have to sign up for multiple months?
No. You sign up one month at a time. You can change your membership level at the beginning of each month and choose to discontinue at the end of any month. 
5) How do I sign up?
You can purchase your membership on the 'Programs and Pricing' page. You will be sent an email on what to do next and how to proceed.  Alternatively, you can Venmo the payment to @Danielle-Rothy if you feel more comfortable with that process. Similarly, you will be sent and email on how to proceed. 
6) Where do the classes take place?
Some classes will happen on Zoom. You will need to download the app if you do not have it already. Other classes will happen in-person either at the Fairfax Community Center or the Cambridge Community Center.
7) What if I miss a live class on Zoom?
I will be recording each class and downloading them to YouTube within the hour of completing the class. If you have a  Gold Membership, and missed the class, the link will be automatically sent to you. If you have either a Silver or Bronze membership you will need to let me know which classes you want to attend each week, and if you miss one of them live, I will send you the link. The link will be available for 24 hours (or a little longer in some cases) for you to complete.
8) Are all of the classes live?
There will be some cases where a class may be a recording I have previously done (if I have faced a scheduling conflict) and you will have access to it at the regular scheduled time for that class.  


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