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It’s Fun to Get Fit

Class Description: Schedule


Utilizing plyometrics, calisthenics, and strength exercises within specified intervals guarantees to get your heart rate elevated and work into your bodies fat burning ability! This class is for moderate and above participants, but everything can be modified if you are willing to give it a try! Bring a mat and dumbbells -- Mod/Adv


A class geared towards the development of strength, size and functionality of muscles. With the use of various dumbbells and bands we will work on different muscles each time. A slower paced, no cardio involved, class that is catered to all!

Moderate Intensity

Strength and Sweat

This combination class includes strength training with high intensity interval training. This class will help you build muscle while also burning fat for the whole day. Bring a set of dumbbells and a mat. Modifications can be made where needed.

Moderate Intensity

Strength and Stretch

The best of both of lower impact classes. The mixture of Pilates and Strength will leave you feeling strong and limber, long and lean. You will need a lighter set of dumbbells, a mat and (not essential) a circle band (either fabric or plastic). 

Low to Moderate Intensity


This cardio based workout is great for upper and lower body endurance. A brief overview will begin the class followed guided instruction throughout the class. This go at your own pace class is great for all levels, do what you can and enjoy!

Moderate Intensity


This combination class of kickboxing and HIIT Fit is a great mixture of coordination, intensity and balance with a whole lot of fun. While focusing on the upper body and lower body movements of kickboxing we will add higher intensity movements throughout the class. Minimal to no equipment needed.

Moderate to Advanced Intensity


Join in this amazing class that targets the bodies powerhouse, the core. To include abdominal work, balance, strength and flexibility, Pilates uses breath work and movement to bring peace to your body and mind. Please bring a mat.

Low intensity

Movement Meditation

This wonderful 30-minute guided movement meditation class is a great slow down to incorporate into your routine. Using the breath and a stretching routine, similar to the practice of yoga and pilates, you will give yourself a sense of peace.

Low intensity - All abilities

Cardio Combination

A combination class that mixes up various types of cardiovascular work such as high intensity interval training, kickboxing, step, jump rope, and more. Any necessary equipment will be announced prior to starting class. Get ready to get your sweat on!

Moderate Intensity

Strength 30

A 30 minute class geared toward a specific area of muscle groups. There will be an upper, lower, or core & more at the end of the class title to let you know which class you are attending​. You will need a couple sets of dumbbells.

Low to Moderate Intensity

Strength 60

An extension of Strength 30, this class will incorporate upper, lower and core & more, each in 20 minute blocks for a full 60 minute class. You will need a couple sets of dumbbells.

Low to Moderate Intensity

Cardio & Core

The best of everything you want! A combination of cardiovascular movements and core ​strengthening exercises. You will be feeling strong and proud after this one! Bring a dumbbell or two and any other equipment will be announced at the start of class. 

Low to Moderate Intensity

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