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I started working with Danielle when I took her strength training class in 2018. Since then I’ve participated in her summer series and attended many of her classes, such as HIIT, Pilates, kickboxing and more. Thanks to her I have learned to enjoy fitness and make it a regular part of my life. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. Danielle is encouraging, motivating and always supportive of my goals. She offers something for everyone at any fitness level and I highly recommend working with her!

Sarah H.

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"Danielle brings an amazing energy to her class that is a perfect blend of excitement and strength without being intimidating or overwhelming. My mom and I have enjoyed her classes together so when she says all ages and abilities welcome she is not trying to pull one over on you! Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced fitness "expert", Danielle's class will make you both sweat and smile."

Morgan P.

Danielle's classes have saved me!  I am much better at exercising if it's a social.  She makes the classes fun, challenging and helps you modify where ever you need to.  Whether it's to make it easier or harder.

Her flexibility and creativity have made working out during this pandemic seamless!  Just now she can't hear us groaning or complaining as much!:)

Anita L.

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials
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